A single page website with subtle visual flourishes to captivate the viewer

About this project

Suwu is a restaurant/bar centrally located on Montreal's famous Boulevard Saint Laurent. Known for their hip hop inspired cocktail menu and eclectic aesthetic, Suwu has been popular since the day it opened and so when I was approached to bring Suwu online I was thrilled.

The website is simple with just one page as the canvas and one image as the backdrop. This allows for the menu, which I converted into a jagged, semi-transparent SVG graphic to remain the focal point. The SVG-draw javascript library allows for the logo to be introduced immediately as the page comes into view. As the viewer continues down the page the invert-scroll library rains small doodles, which are found throughout the Suwu branding, down from the top of the page on top of the menu. This website has been optimized for all devices.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SVG, Javascript, Illustrator

Live Preview