Saintwoods Social Media

Saintwoods Social Media Campaigns

Weekly flyers created using various design methods

About this project

Saintwoods has a rolling contract with several bars, restaurants and clubs throughout Montreal to create weekly flyers that would advertise the various events happening at each establishment every week. These flyers were all created in house and had to be cohesive with the mission and the aesthetic of each company's carefully created branding.

Many of the flyers could be created quickly using templates that we had previously made but would still be tweaked and changed so no two were ever the same. For higher budget events with a headliner or a sponsor we would brainstorm, then design brand new flyers with original concepts from scratch. Our usual techniques included using illustrator along with printing, scanning painting and drawing to achieve digital flyers that had a tangible feel.

Illustrator, Photoshop, Print and Scan, Painting, Drawing, Instagram, Facebook