Global website redesign

My Role

Lead Designer

  • Created a Branding and UI kit to ensure cohesion
  • Laid out 50+ pages to be delivered to devs
  • Designed dozens of assets to promote our launch and



UX Coordinator

  • Consolidated and utilized relevant research for design rationale
  • Worked alongside research team to conduct user testing
  • Iterated designs based on user feedback



The Brief

Redesign the user experience as well as the look and feel of over 70 customer facing webpages that comprise Deezer's online ecosystem and sales funnel.

Our goals were:

1. Increase registration

2. Ensure ease of use at every step of the customer journey

3. Create aesthetic cohesion across all entry points

4. Bring it in line with the brand guidelines our team had created

The Process

My team worked closely with the in-house research team to perform several tests to identify areas of improvement. These tests included heat map testing, eye-tracking, and speak aloud protocol. We created a benchmark and then used these same tests to validate our new designs.

The Result

After over a year of designing, collecting feedback, iteration, testing, benchmarking, validating, the website went live.

The redesign included:
Deezer's homepage
Deezer Careers
Deezer Communit
Deezer Devices
Deezer Support
and much more

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